Pancake evening thread


Eric can you recommend another film for me? I think you did a few weeks ago but I ended up not having time to watch.


what you in the mood for?


bought some ribena. haven’t had any in probably a decade but it’s a revelation!


pancakes obv, made them with cheese

leftover birthday cake for pudding and watching winter olympics yaaaaay


I drink strawberry Ribena all the time like a child


my bum hurts. need to get a comfier computer chair.


something similar to Cache tbh. psychological stuff.


probably some more Haneke then, maybe the White Ribbon?


Getting the train home trying not to have a panic attack. Someone say something reassuring please.


No pancakes. Many stroopwafels.

Some IT dickhead broke my office heating so I’ve been freezing all day. Going to get a hot water bottle going and might have to take a - shudder - hot bath if that doesn’t do it.



texted you a cat emoji





excellent work. what you having in em?


Aw man I actually adore them :turtle:


(Fairtrade) Demerara sugar and (fair trade) lemons


Got a present from past - possibly drunk - Epimer, who thought it wise to spend sixteen dollaridoos on a spinning keyring of Homer disappearing into a hedge, from Australia.

Well done, me.


this has helped thank you x