Pancake evening thread


supposed to go out for a run tonight. after crepes full o’ cheese and hash browns :thinking:


Had a wine (pinot) tasting that turned into a bit of a free for for all. Between the 3 of us got through 9 bottles.

Got home and the GF had made pancakes. Love her. Ive eaten 6 with maple syrup. My head hurts.


:smiley: :strawberry: :turtle:


congrats, you win the evening!


Might try and track down some findus crispy pancakes


Put up some gig posters after work, so didn’t get home until now. Turns out we’re having some kind of communal dinner for one of my housemate’s birthdays and I could not be fucked. It’s times like these when my stress about eating in front of people comes to the fore and I am unwilling to eat with them.


GF’s working tonight so we’re postponing pancakes until tomorrow. Will probably have Nutella on them.


Sweet. I’ll have a look!



Need to be up for 5am to go to gatwick, so today may not have been the smartest decision


you’ll be passed out by 8pm tbf


bon iver

(that’s good evening in french, to go along with the crêpe theme today)

tonight i will be



Ahh god there’s a guy noisily chewing gum across from me. I thought I had just about made it safely home without this sort of thing.


I moved


NOBODY suggest I wear headphones please


2 x Nutella, 1 x caramel :yum:

@DarwinBabe think about a calm quiet night stargazing with this little pupper :sparkling_heart:


Just ate this pancake



Good winter to you too!


That looks…oaty?



No pancakes for me.

I had risotto and some of that bean and tomato cassoulet Anna Jones recipe. Got to say, I love Anna Jones but I don’t get the love for that dish at all. It’s really missing something, some black olives would be good (basically just turn it into Moro’s bread salad recipe instead)

About to read my trashy murder book.