Pancake evening thread


It’s made of nuts


Just had two savoury pancakes with cheese, mushroom and spinach :yum: about to have a sweet one with berries and ice cream :yum:


I swithered over whether I wanted to click that or not then realised what it was.


Had pancakes at lunch, not sure if I should have more as dinner was a massive amount of :spaghetti: so I probably don’t have room.

Want to spend the whole evening watching Windter Olympics stuff but there is apparently football on instead. Will do some sulking as a substitute I guess.


Love a good sulk


Guys I think there might be something wrong with me, I’ve just seen the lineup for Reading and I kind of want to go to the Saturday. (Kendrick, Sigrid, Dua Lipa)


Take it to the midlife crisis thread.


I started to feel old at reading when I was like 25

Wait, last time i went i was 22 :thinking:


Last went to Reading 10 years ago so yeah





Just had a sanity check, although I want to see the acts I mentioned, I definitely do not want to be anywhere near Reading Festival.


yes, it is a wintry evening!


I believe the bbc has some superb coverage of the event


Ice cream

All good


Probably the best 16 bucks you’ll ever spend


Ok meltdown averted.

Just got into bed and got a fright when I pulled back the duvet and thought someone was in my bed. It was my cuddly sloth and tortoise who I forgot I left cuddling each other this morning. I am an actual child.


Lemon + sugar.

And then probably some booze.


If it makes you feel any better there was a fire in an apartment a few doors down at the weekend and the things I grabbed and left with were my passport and my three stuffed animals <3


Not booze on the pancakes. I’m not French. Booze in my mouth after the pancakes with lemon and sugar.


ate some pancakes with some ice cream and have just found out that John Maus seems to be answering a question I posted on the Pitchfork Facebook Live thingy