Pancake evening thread


yes he is answering a question I posted, top evening


I would struggle to carry all mine in the event of a fire :grin:


ok clearly not going out for a run. under some blankets with a cup of tea :+1:


someone should start a stuffed toys thread

Soft toy thread :bear:

horribly tired and depressed at looking at jobs! Are there any graduate jobs? Apparently not :smiley: :frowning:


whys there no noose emoji


Postponing pancakes until tomorrow as can’t be bothered.

Had excellent time at the zoo today, home late so had some stuffed pasta and wine.

Look at this lad:


what’s up, man?


10/10 critter


Spinach, ricotta and smoked bacon for mains and then banana, chocolate and toasted almonds for first pud and maple syrup and whipped cream for second. Rounded it off with traditional lemon and sugar. Yum.

PS See the “other” board for some pancake songs:


four rounds of pancakes? :open_mouth:


A yes for pancakes over here. Ate the following:

X2 mozzarella & salsa
X1 mozzarella, cheddar & BBQ
X1 crunchy peanut butter
X1 maple syrup & amaretto

So full.


My housemate turned all the milk into protein shakes


some real pro pancaking going on in here!


Really want pancakes now. Did you consider trying to make a burrito pancake?



take part in my poll about tinned tomatoes!

you need a full tin of tomatoes, there’s a half tin in the fridge, do you -

  • open a fresh tin and use all of it, leaving the half tin in the fridge
  • use the half tin, half of the full tin & replace the old half tin with a new half tin

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don’t be absurd!


I had two savoury, so 5 come to think of it. Urp.


What recipe only require have a tin of tomatoes?


gonna try to go to bed early tonight, don’t let me forget!