Pancake evening thread


5 and still alive!


dunno m8, i think the half tin is there because i keep using it and replacing it with a new half tin. hard to know how the first half tin appeared.


it’s always been there :ghost:


no pancakes. been looking at clothes online. dunno what to buy. want to buy everything. no money. still need to consume tho.



My ‘early bedtime’ is 9pm so you’re running 2 mins late!




Awwwww! Look at their wee faces!


got an email from the job I spent a good chunk of sunday applying for saying it is a 12 month contract, no mention on their original advert, might invoice them for wasting my time


Going to go for a pint after the football. Realised I accidentally worked an eleven hour day between two jobs today so I’m rewarding myself.


I was thinking about half ten!


Had southern fried chicken with broccoli and Stilton soup for dinner. Delicious



@cutthelights always has the same grin on :smiley:


What you cooking?


Right, fuck this, I’m aff to sleazys to go see the molochs.


ho is ho?




I’m here currently at this Jen Cloher gig.


Was here earlier. It’s been Jen Cloher Day for me. I’ll stop going on about it. Have a great evening guys.



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