Pancake evening thread




Your tv looks ecstatic about being photographed for the internet :grinning:


She really didn’t want be photographed


Rich’s expression too :smiley:


Had pancakes at mum and dad’s and watched NCIS Los Angeles repeats.

Home now, got a cheeky beer on the go.


tomato sauce m8


Just had raw white onion in my salad -

  • For me, Clive
  • Not for me, Clive

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Red yes, white no

God, what a bunch of smelly breathers


What of it?


You’re very happy
Your tv - not as happy.


An old housemate used to regularly eat raw onion and garlic cloves dipped in salt for breakfast

Struggle with the thought of raw onion now (red is okay)


Just didn’t care about their breath, huh


The whole house smelt of onion tang perpetually


5 and somehow not managed to fall asleep on the sofa yet


She’s never happy, she’s with me

this is obviously a joke


How come youre always at the Scottish meats but never the London ones huh.

Why don’t you love us man :’(


You fucked off to Spain didn’t you. Broke my heart


Cause the Scots are the best, obviously. :wink:


Real reason

Meats tend to be held on my weekends at work


we should do a combined LME/Scotland + Irish Associates/MME meat (to be held in London, obviously)