Pancake evening thread


* on the border


I think they call it the M25 outside of London.


alright, guy verhofstadt


As if I knew who that is without googling




Made a soy free ramen bowl as a treat for the tv and after that and a bunch ofnpancakes I’m feeling p p lazy right now.


Just found this in a suitcase. Probably my most prized possession.

Size medium too :’(


Got asked to be best man for my cousin :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: proper hammered right now


I was at the Reading date. Was fucking hell


To @Witches yay, finally got a meet in! You’re lovely and Steph says sorry she could talk more but the baby was kicking her to pieces apparently.

@unlucky and @cutthelights great to catch up again.

@casinobay cheers for the lift and blasting Kendrick as we cruised down Cowgate and Grassmarket.

What a GBOLs


I was at the Benicassim date. Was amazing!


The gig was great, the crowd, not so


We tried that and I fucked it up! Glasgow is easier to navigate than London! (@witches, I found that Ryanair voucher, I’m coming for youuuuu!)


Well whatever ruffers and me are getting lunch on Monday and you’re not invited so


Just actually had to run for the train.


Love that. you were only staying until 9ish


No pancakes for me.

Last few days at my house before moving on Friday. #stressed don’t even cut it.


half way through - going for a smoke intermission. Really good, again! Just paused after the moment the doctor comes back and he and his wife do it against a wall and then immediately sit down and have a cordial glass of wine each <3


Awwww it was so lovely to meet you both!! Had such a great night!! Poor Steph, would never have realised with the kicking :hushed: she was still brilliant, it was a shame we were on opposite ends of the table!! Hope we get another meet in sometime in the near future :smiley: yay!!

@cutthelights so great to finally meet you!! Trainbuddy!!!


AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!1!!1111!!! yay!!! We were discussing your brilliance tonight and that you’re coming along to the meat. I smacked the table with excitement.