Pancake evening thread


NOOOOOO! I am not brilliant! I do appreciate the table smacking though!


The molochs were fucking excellent :+1:


Read this as if the molochs was some code for non-disers


Was replying to yer earlier post as I posted this,messed it up a bit.


Ha, right that makes much more sense😀


ah okay, they’re all horrible.


Ahaha I don’t know what time I’m supposed to be going to work tomorrow


Spent might my night reading and chatting to the lady who works in my local. Haven’t fancied someone this hard in a while.


The office opens at 9 but the first thing on my schedule for induction stuff is at 10, also I’m only doing 20hrs a week, when should I go in?’

  • 9 sharp, m8
  • Yeah I’m sure 10 is fine

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I’ll set my alarm in time to see the results


09:50 should see you right.


Giving me 10 mins to get to work?! I like it, living dangerously



(Be there for 09:50 you twonk!)


9 sharp. jazz it with a coffee for an hour looking suave in the corner.


No one looks suave at 9am m8, esp not me.

Also I :eyes: u changing your vote pal


wrong vote m9.



Well, guess I’d better sleep either way

gets into bed and spends whole night worrying about what time to go in to work rather than sleeping


one hour aint gonna do any harm man. plus, good thing about European working culture - arrive on time, and leave exactly on time. every day.


go in at the earlier time. because then you cant possibly be late. because time is linear. also good luck with your job.