Pancake & pancake adjacent foods/meals

are better than bread foods/meals


Hi Owen, vehemently disagree with this and I say that as someone who, for the most part, thinks sandwiches are shite.

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Are Burritos ‘pancake adjacent’?

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Hahahaha, nice try!

Pancakes have so many big hitters.

  • Crepes
  • American style flapjacks
  • Tortilla Wraps
    - Tacos
    - Burritos
    - Fajitas
    - Quesadillas
  • Spring Rolls
  • Aromatic Crispy Duck


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Okay, I’m with you then.

As long as pizzas aren’t a ‘bread meal’ because that breaks it wide open again.


As fancy cheese on toast, I’d imagine they most certainly are.

This is literally typing straight up without even thinking about it. there are so many.

  • Dosa
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Goi Cuon

Hmmm. A chicago dish definitely is, so I may have to concede they could be one of breads big hitters, along with Naan bread

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Given my list I would urge you to reconsider

  • Kathi!
  • Shwarma!
  • Roti!
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Crepes are shit. Dunno what “American Style Flapjacks” are, the idea that tortillas are more pancake adjacent than bread adjacent is absolute gibberish, spring rolls (and accordingly samosas) are amazing but it’s pastry, neither bread or pancake. Crispy duck I’ll give you.


Hits just keep on coming

having that
not having that

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Mate, Tortillas are definitely pancake adjacent.

Spring rolls often use the same pancakes as crispy duck but are then fried.

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Please see above response.

A tortilla is most certainly a pancake


Fence sitters that I will concede go in to bread: Pitta, Flatbread

other pancake foods:

pizza, chips, milk fucking hot dogs who gives a fuck this is a fucking nonsense

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