Pancake & pancake adjacent foods/meals

Now you’re just being silly.

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literally how can you concede aromatic crispy duck but then not a duck spring roll which while the preparation and innards change, the two key ingredients (duck, pancake) remain the same?

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What a load of old crêpe


Wow you were typing a long time for that to be your response.

Had to find out how to make the little hat accent on my phone, then give up and copy and paste crêpe after a Google search


Imagine this thread on a Wednesday afternoon a few years back. Solid cricket imo

*this isn’t to undermine my stance in anyway which I am truly behind and 100% correct. I just know people here love being angrily wrong when their bored


:smiley: hahahahahaha amazing

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Pancakes aren’t good

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Don’t lie

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Thank you Shrewbie

If pancake day wasn’t a thing then 95% of the population would never eat pancakes, and rightly so

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*citation needed

Please extrapolate.

I will however cede that of the list of pancake and pancake adjacent foods, crepes/what brits call pancakes are lower in the list. Still incredible when made well though.

Just cos some bread is round and flat doesn’t make it a pancake

State of this thread

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These are all good foods

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I do really like pancakes though

Also Judging any food from not Britain on how British people make it is like shitting in a bowl and saying it represents all chocolate ice cream for being brown and in a bowl

And round flat breads

I have admitted that flat round breads don’t count. Maybe try re-reading?

I think I’m reacting to comments from others, it’s a bit of a blur to be honest

You can’t let bread have naan but keep roti. Having naan of it