Pancakes 2020

This is your 24* hour warning! Pancake Day is tomorrow. Pancake chat and polls welcomed.

Before that, here’s a recipe for Mango Mojito Pancakes, for which you can thank me later

*actually at the time of posting there’s only 13 1/2 hours left before it’s tomorrow, but how many of you are going to be tossing at 12.01am?

Pancake polls:

  • Sweet
  • Savoury

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  • Traditional Lemon & sugar
  • Chocolate spread
  • Ice Cream
  • Other (please specify)

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  • Crepe
  • Scotch Pancake
  • other

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  • Tossing
  • I’ll be turning them with my spatula thanks

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Truly love a pancake



Golden syrup or maple syrup

I don’t flip mine because I have to make then gluten and dairy free so they’re more fragile than a standard pancake. That said, we made them the other week and my bf was flipping them so maybe I’ll give it a go

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Jam works pretty great too, and considering Americaning it up with some PB as well.

Also I go for a whole meal of pancakes so you have savoury to start then sweet to finish - ideal!

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So much wrong these polls!

Sweet or savoury? Why not both: two savoury followed by one sweet.

Sweet option? Stewed apple and raisin in rum, with a light dusting of caster sugar

Type of pancake? Dutch

Tossing or turning? Use a big pot lid



How did I forget that classic combo! Schoolboy error.

I’ll probably do some US styles ones with maple syrup and banana for brekkie tomorrow (planning on wfh so plenty of time). Maybe even get some bacon for a treat

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pancakes make me feel sick but i’ll still probably eat them tomorrow, as it’s tradition

  • Get with the program Rob, we’ve all head of Dutch pancakes except you
  • Nope, that’s a new one for me

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He’s pranking you. It’s a Dutch tradition prior to Pancake Day

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Prankcake day, they call it. An amalgamation of prank, pre and pancake


there used to be a dutch pancake place on Ealing Broadway - went there for pancake day once, so disappointing. Why so dry dutch pancake?

There was one on the King’s Road as well. Absolute shite as you would expect*!

*(I quite liked it as a child)

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Are you sure you didn’t go on prankcake day?

Oh god I’m going to pancake the fuck out of tomorrow.

Simple butter or salted caramel and banana for me please


if I did then they prankcaked me and my friends real good

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Buttered pancake?

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