Having adopted a vegan diet largely I was disappointed at the thought of No Pancakes. And then I popped into Waitrose (yes I know) and saw a pack of vegan pancakes winking at me!!!

U havin pancakes hun?

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what are pancakes made from? Just realised I have no idea!

I wouild guess it’s like egg and bread?

Eggs, flour, milk

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Eggs milk flour oil

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my be happy project is going well so far, been in a good mood all day :slight_smile:


Round 1

Chipolatas, maple syrup. Pancakes cooked in the sausage fat


flour and milk are kinda like bread!

YouTube on the tv. Incredible. Wow. Please try it if possible.


Being a independent lonely man I’m afraid no pancakes for me, it feels off making pancakes just for myself, I always saw pancake day as a social thing

I’m on my own. I enjoy things that being me joy. Pancakes bring me joy and I will shove them hand over fist into my gob while squealing will I forever be aloooooone?


Just woke up from a nap to find out my plans for the evening are cancelled/postponed. Suits me fine as I’m really tired (still) and going on a trip tomorrow. Need to do more øaundry for that uuughhhhh

Should have done some work on an article today but massively cba :grimacing:

@Bamnan, I think I found a good podcast on Irish history for you. Presenters are a bit smarmy but I liked it overall and think you should try this episode.

(Skip to five minutes in.)

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thanks mate! Hope you are having a good day too

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GF is coming back from a conference in Dublin, we’re going to make savoury and sweet pancakes later when she’s back.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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I’m going to an open evening to enquire about a potential new job… How would you play it in this situation? I want to come across as keen and knowledgeable without being ingratiating.

I do this in the evenings sometimes, get like a five-hour scenic train journey on that tv, then you are really watching that five-hour scenic train journey.

Also re vegan pancakes, plain flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, and water are all I use and my pancakes are very tasty


thanks man, they seem alright, feel bad for Irish people having to explain all this shit to us arrogant Brits but good on them for doing so!


Never heard it cal-