Panic! at the Disco

What I love about Panic at the Disco (one of my favourite bands) is how evertime I’ve heard their new albums for the first time, through the years, I’ve been like "Woah! This is hectic. What’s going on here? Not sure about this Brendon Urie’
But on the third listen I’m like ‘By golly! Brendon has done it again. Banger after banger after banger!’
Don’t threaten me with a good time.

Please use this thread to talk about how great one of my favourite bands, Panic at the Disco! are.

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Panic at the Taco Bell!


Alternatively, If you don’t want to enjoy Panic at the Disco at Reading…here they are in Rio!

Great disser, terrible band (imo, obviously) :wink:

I WALK IN WITH A yeah I have a big soft spot for Panic. My girlfriend at uni was a big fan of Pretty Odd, I get very nostalgic on the rare occasion I end up hearing Northern Downpour.

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Big soft spot for that song only

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Can’t believe she dumped me by email, I deserved better than that Rich

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Serves you right


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Love you really :heart_eyes:

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So overplayed. Obviously a massive banger but they now have 6 albums worth of bangers.

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As if I’ve listened to any of their output past 2008

Brendon Urie’ is a DiSer?!

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Fffs. You’ve been missing out.

Isn’t it Panic! At the Disco, referencing their love of GY!BE?

Doubt it

Other way around.


So many indie bellends :cry: