Panini Sticker albums


Mum bought my daughter a Frozen Panini album from the pound shop. Thankfully we are all used to disappointment there because she told me there were meant to be 150 stickers and it only contained 10 so it was a rip off.

I guess she last got exposed to the Panini concept in about 1983 when I had a Return of the Jedi one.

Do they do one for the Premier League every year?


Meant to @plasticniki obviously.

She loves Frozen :wink:


The inability to complete a sticker album really bothered me. Think they do online e-trading cards now which is bizarre concept


They seem to have a form for completing it but still just seems to be packs of stickers not specific ones.


My dad still collecta them for the Euros and the World Cup.

As soon as he sees that they are selling the albums, he routinely starts picking up packs of stickers whenever he can. He’ll also ask if anyone in the family sees packets when they are out and about; that if we could also buy some it’d be much appreciated.

Even with a massive group effort, sadly he can never complete it without having to order more online or trading them or whatever.

I dare not think how much he spends on the whole thing but it makes him happy so that’s all that matters.


Went to a few swap shops as a kid. Did the world cup one but it ended up being well expensive


Merlin or death.


Well this is the Panini thread, mate, so you can have death.


Remember those coins from Italia 90…


Completed the last World Cup one with some mates. Euros one was a bit of a sham, even took to Twitter to see if anyone could help out. No dice. Still gonna order the missing ones to complete it because I’m a bad person with a disposable income.


I had one of them for the 98 World Cup I think it was


think i had the euro 96 shearer coin


hahahaha, found some of them on ebay. the silhouettes of venables on the sidelines