Panini World Cup 2018

80p a packet!? I’m probably out.

Always tempted by these but then remember I’m a man approaching 30 with more pressing financial responsibilities and don’t they cost around £500 to complete the whole lot?


80p?!? Fucking chancers. Is the album at least free still?

80p?! Is it still five stickers per packet?

60% increase on Euro 2016. Brexit truly is beginning to bite.

I was 38 when I finished the Brazil 14 album…

I paid £15 for an Emperor Palpatine card the other day, if that makes you feel any better.


It was quite fun last World Cup but when it gets to the stage you’re spending 5 quid on 10 packs and only get three new stickers and about 20 John Boye’s give it a rest

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Have they done anything to address the non-randomness of stickers in packets? I remember having about eighteen Coventry City shinies back in the day.

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How much did it set you back to finish it?

Really want to start one of these but the fucking cost. Gah.

remember having absolutely loads of these in 2002

Looking to swap these two for one of David Moyes if anyone is interested


Never seen the appeal with sticker albums.

You just keep buying packs until you’ve got one of each and stuck them in a book. You end up with a book full of footy players pictures.

Horses for courses and all that, hope the thread goes well.


They could at least play a game of Top Trumps or something with them first.

would never do the tournament ones as am a grown adult but ALSO the squads aren’t even correct! fuck knows who Garth with put in the England team, but I hope we’re not missing a Livermore’s place in the album.
Completed and still have prem 94 and 95 books

Would probably cost less for you to sticker up another bass than it would to complete the album.


I do have a spare bass and a box of a few thousand stickers…

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Sticker bass! Sticker bass! :grinning:

(it may be evident already, but I really love your sticker bass)

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Haha! I had gathered! I was thinking of making a new one for the World Cup so it must be done!

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Time for my pal to sharpen his pencils again…