Panini World Cup 2018


You’re a legend!


It was a lot of fun to do. If I could do something along those lines for a living I think I would be happy (professional sticker swapper is not a job though as far as I am aware, and would be very seasonal work if it were).


Incredible work. Thanks!


Amazing work, FL.

I’m away until Thursday now, looking forward to what’s hopefully awaiting me when I get home!


Cheers FL.

All - I’ll have a mountain of swaps by next weekend having bought about 300 stickers since sending mine off to FL; will put together a list if people are still after some once they get theirs back later this week :slight_smile:


Hopefully I haven’t given you too many that you’ve got now!

Still really want a Germany shiny and Neuer - before doing the swapshop they were all we needed for Germany, and neither turned up. Even though we have other countries with only one or two to get now (Australia, Russia, Croatia maybe?) I still for some reason am fixated on that one. Also just need the Sochi host city sticker to complete that page, if anyone comes across a swap of that.

Everything is all packaged to be sent back now and will be in the post tomorrow. A couple I might have to pay a small amount extra postage on because they could be too heavy/thick for the stamps on them.


Hey team & @Flashinglight .

Mine arrived today. (Thanks!)

Before I open the individual sets, I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up with more than I originally sent; is this deliberate or is it possible I’ve accidentally got some of someone else’s swaps?


Sorry, forgot to mention that - where you had a longer list of needs you have ended up with some extra, which were all taken out of my swaps pile because after doing the DiS swaps I have no use for doubles so didn’t mind giving some away.

I think @jont2001 ended up with just a couple more than sent, and @he_2 and @nestor have returned swaps along with the stickers they needed because their needs lists were smaller and so I could find less for them. When I swapped I did it in rounds where those who sent more swaps got the first go so it was more likely I found what they needed, but even with that @colinzealuk you still ended up with plenty even though you get the last draw of stickers! Does that make sense?

To reiterate, no one is down on total stickers other than me - I kept a careful tally of everyone’s in/out to make sure people were at a minimum level, if not in surplus.


Yup, makes sense. Thought you might have done something like that, but wanted to check before I unpacked them :slight_smile:

Once I’ve sorted them I’ll do a list of what swaps I’ve got left; hopefully it’ll help some of you :slight_smile:


awesome. thanks @flashinglight !


Mine arrived today! Thanks so much