Paramore (rolling)

Paramore are finally back to follow up what was universally regarded as the best album of 2013. not sold on the first single, but here it is none the less:

Do you have to book a table in advance for the fan club meetings, or do you just assume that you and @sean will be able to squeeze in somewhere?


all are welcome, but I think they normally clash with your constant Omar Rodriguez Lopez album release parties.


Really excited about the new one, btw.


I should imagine so. It really stands out against the last few as being another album.


i like paramore

i dont like that song though

Really upped the ‘pop’ ante with this new track, huh?

I see they’ve gone full Top 40 electro synth pop. I guess they decided to market themselves to the teenage girl crowd, pretty much same as what every other band is doing on their label.

Ah well they had a good run for me, really good pop rock on their 2nd and 3rd albums that still holds up. What a waste of vocal talent though.

Ok this is a straight Dutch Uncles rip off. They said they were influenced by them on the last album (and DU even remixed Ain’t It Fun) but this is just a bridge too far.

i like paraless

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I reckon there’s a few Chvrches fans out there saying the same thing atm.

I like this actually


I normally find this band unbearable, but I quite enjoyed that.

I heard it again last night and watched the video for the first time. It is actually alright.


I think it’s safe to say the direction has firmly changed but I like it.

Like this new stuff much more than their pop punk. Genuinely surprised.

this intrigued me, so i gave it a listen

the first one sounds like the last La Roux album with a completely different but similarly awful vocal style

the second one - dunno, just sounds like Paramore

why am i even in this thread tho tbh

This new album is really good, bug fan. Think Idle Worship is my favorite