paraphrasing - writers, help!

Alright m9s. I want to paraphrase some lyrics, but I want it to be obvious that’s what I’m doing.

How do I do it then?

I don’t really want to do quotations and [these guys]. Is there another way?

Context. It’s the bit in Smog’s All Your Women things where he says “How I could ignore your left breast, your right breast” but I want to say something like "Tears landed on my grey dress (on my left breast, my right breast).

Up to now, I’ve just been making the bracketed bits italics.

I think italics without brackets will make it look like you’re just emphasising the phrase about the breasts without making it clear that it’s a reference to something else. Tbh, I think non-italic text in brackets as you’ve written it here does a better job - it highlights the lyrical phrase as a distinct thing, and separates it from the main text so the reference doesn’t get in the way. Ofc, if you want to be really really obvious you could just leave it all in plain text with an asterisk and then a footnote saying “hey, this is a bit like these Smog lyrics, right?”

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That’s a fantastic song

Probably my favourite break up song…even if it turns weird

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Yeah, I mean earlier on I directly quote some of the lyrics so I thought if they were in italics, then this would stand out as a call back to that? Idk.

Don’t want to copy and paste too much of it in case it shows up in the plagiarism check thingy when I submit. Here’s a screenshot of a bit more of it.

Yeah, it’s really great <3

I think you’ve got it right, the italics definitely make clear it’s a reference to the song. You don’t want quotation marks as it’s not a direct quote, I reckon.

Yeah, in the wider piece the italics definitely work best. I might be being overly nitpicky, but I’d take the quotation marks off the earlier lyric quote as well. The context, italics, and paragraph break are enough to indicate that these are song lyrics, and I think having them there but not on the later callback weakens the link between the two unnecessarily.

Can I ask what is this for?

OK, great. Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

It’s my MA/start of a book about my suburb.

Cool - good luck with it!

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