ParaPod Movie.

Anyone else thinking of going?

I am going to the Bristol screening in a few weeks. Got an Ian and Barry Q&A as well

Bit of chat over in the rolling horror thread…

Nice! Im desperate to go but nothing near me :frowning:

Got a ticket to the brum one

Dont actually know how easy itll be for me to make it tho :confused:

Excited though!!

Just finished listening through all the pods again, forgot how ridiculous the conspiracy season gets. Hoping they do a Newcastle showing with Barry’s Gateshead roots.

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How much does an airport cost?

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Oh god.

The porn pubic hair thing had me as baffled as Ian this time round again.


Remember cracking up on the train to that (and most of the series). May be due a relisten!

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New Parapod episode gone up today.

Saw it last night. It isn’t perfect, but it’s very good, and very very funny in parts, with some prize Barry activity. Not sure how it’ll work if you’re not already a fan, but if you are you’ll love it. Need to get the bluray into my life as soon as they make one.