Parasite (film) - spoiler thread

Looks like a fair few people here have seen it now so here’s a spoiler thread for people to discuss if they want. The rest of us can join in once we’ve seen it next month!

I think it will be a good film that I will go “damn that was quite something, especially the part where that happened”

All in all: a stunning film. There was no way I wasn’t going to love a dark comedy about the evils of capitalism and how it drives us against each other. The characterisation of the Park family was so well done, it was so clear how much they cared about each other and were prepared to do anything for each other. I shed a few tears at the scene where the daughter Ki-jeong dies and her father is holding her but Mr. Kim is still yelling at him to drive his son Da-song to the hospital.

I really like when films and tv shows do that thing where people get home early so everyone in the house has to hide under the furniture to not be seen. The music when they’re running home was stunning.


Yeah the scene where they’re hiding is nerve shredding stuff!

Edit: Especially when the Dad crawls out and then stops, and you can see his feet in the corner of the frame while the rich Mum and Dad look out at the tent :grimacing:

fuck, I got the Parks and Kims the wrong way round

It shouldn’t be refreshing but it’s also nice to have a working class family in there and they’re not at each other’s throats the whole time. A lot of genuine love for each other and no grim nasty back stories.

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It’s hilarious too.
The bit where he holds up the blood-stained tissue is one of the funniest things ever filmed.


Its good but its not as amazing as is being made out and it isnt particularly original

Agreed. Liked it, but surprised by the praise.

Probably my cinema highlight of last year, though wasn’t quite prepared for how sad it was, looking forward to seeing it again when it’s released here.