Parental neglect spinoff thread: things you went to a+e with as a kid


feel free to try and top the trip that followed my brother, aged 4, running into the room to proudly announce that he’d finally managed to ‘drink some lego’


had a blood clot after playing basketball, age 13.

basically got kneed super hard in the thigh during a collision. thought nothing of it. hung out with my friend at home that evening and i was still in my shorts and she went wait, why is one of your legs massive suddenly? got rushed in by panicking mum, all sorted when they used something or other injected to break it down


I went down a slide in playgroup and then quite a chubby girl came down after me and sat on my arm and my arm broke.


Never actually went to A&E to be treated, but was in there every weekend, because my mum used to work on reception.


Put my teeth through my bottom lip by running into a coffee table when I was 5. Have an awesome scar as a result.

The next week my sister one-upped me by running through a French window.


Fell down the stairs and cut my head open on the radiator, stitched up and deposited at school later that morning.


Dislocated my elbow. I was walking along with my dad and just decided to flop over. This was when I was 2 and remember precisely none of it, but have been told the story many times.


my brother was doing his paper round on an icy day, came off and slid into a wall, with his arms out to break his fall. felt a crunch in his finger and there was blood coming through his gloves so he went to A&E. They pulled/cut his glove off and his fingernail had been pushed down half an inch or so, and the bottom of his fingernail was poking through his skin around the first joint on his finger

blurred for grimness

How squeamish are you?

split head
fell and fractured left arm in friend’s garden
fell (same friend’s garden) from about a foot but landed awkwardly on my arm, fractured it and the bone nearly came out and I got the artery and nerve caught in the fracture somehow. The scar has never really gone away.


I fell out of a tree when I was about 8 or 9 when I was away on Cub camp (I was a cool kid!). I refused to let them take me to hospital all weekend despite having sharp pains in my arm (they got worse when I tried to play crab football) then when I got back home my Dad dragged me stright down to A&E for an x-ray and then plaster cast as my arm was clearly broken.


bad craic lol


My scary friend was chasing after me, to escape I thought it would be wise to grab hold of this tree swing and swing myself far, far away from her. Didn’t grab hold of it properly, lost my grip and fell on my head but somehow managed to crack a rib. Got to ride in an ambulance though!

Also, when I was 2 I bit into a greedily full tick that had fallen off our dog. My Mum thought I’d get some horrible disease from it and rushed me off to the doctors. Apparently you can eat as many ticks as you like and you’ll be grand.


oh year, brother was chasing me with a lawn-mower, I tripped and managed to break my tooth on a cement step


My dad got knocked down by a van when he was a kid, and his head went smack onto the pavement hard and looked like it was fractured. They rushed him to hospital and x-rayed him and he was fine. Turned out he has an unusually thick skull.


:fearful: Could have gone a lot worse to be fair.

  • Sister swang a garden hoe in to my face, catching me right between the eyes and busting open my nose, but fortunately missing my actual eyes by some miracle
  • Broken ankle (sports at school)
  • Broken ankle (skateboarding)
  • Broken ankle (falling off a ledge at school)
  • Broken wrist (One day at school I jumped over a ditch and hedge successfully. Someone was impressed and asked me to replicate it the next day, it had rained and I slipped on take off, trailing leg caught the hedge and flipped me round hard on to my front, breaking the fall with my hand)
  • 14 stitches in left knee. To this day I don’t know how it got there, I was 15/16, had been drinking and got in a fight with one of my mates. Had a scuffle, but was generally sorted and fine. Ten minutes later I was sat down, dusted myself down and noticed my hand was wet. Was covered in blood (didn’t notice because I was in black trousers) and then noticed my whole leg was covered. Opened to huge gash and sobered up pretty sharpish.

Loads more but they were post 16 so they don’t count for this thread I guess?


I’m going to ask about this at the Surgeons Hall tomorrow.


One of my favourite black metal set lists.

  • launched myself off my cot and face-first into some ornaments. Got the scarred lip to prove it.

  • fell off the top of a wooden climbing frame and bounced my noggin off every tier on the way down. Was fine.

  • broke my arm/discovered bone disorder


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