Parental thread for suggesting birthday party bag items

Stuff you’ve seen or you’ve bought for your own kids that you thought were the best thing to put in the party bag for all the kids at the end.

I don’t like this sort of world we have. When I was a kid a party at someone’s house involved a cake and the ability to eat unlimited sweet things being about as good as it got, but these days it’s different.

So, ideas of stuff for me to order, please.
*the children will mainly be 3 or 4.

Thank you.

Miniature mushroom logs.

I don’t even understand if this is a joke thing or a real thing.

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Slice of cake
One of those party whistles
A balloon
Those foam glider/bird things
Mini crayon/colouring books
One of those mini-bubble blowing tubes


A hard boiled egg

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Oh, or you could have the party be a craft/making one, and then the kids take those home with them.

A hard boiled detective novel

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So much scope for MESS though.

bottle of hard water (boiled)


This is already not what is going to happy, but cheers.

Kids love mess though.

Christ, maybe @Slicky will get here before I have to start giving out dubious titles to CERTAIN PEOPLE

That’s obviously not what is going to happy, Theo.

I was more thinking of the post-party clean up nightmare

Theo loves glitter though

What IS going to happy Theo?

It’s what he says to coworkers before visiting the pub

What’s wrong with my suggestions?

Some people are SO ungrateful.

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Little sticky figures that you throw against walls
Those huge balloons with an elastic band at the end
Foam animal mask
small bag of haribo
bouncy ball