Parents and their mobiles +

My Mum upgraded her phone at the weekend, went in the shop (first mistake not doing it online) the guy asked for her password , she gave it to him adding ‘its the password I use for everything’ (second mistake!!!). Didn’t get too badly swizzed on the he contract renewal as far as I can tell, came out with a over priced phone case and screen protector (third mistake).
Seemingly the older my parents get the more trusting they are of salesman?



an edit for a correction ironic really :wink:


hope the guy in the shop made sure the key tones were on and nice and loud




even my auntie’s on whatsapp now lovely to see

My mum keeps buying £10 PAYG phones from Tesco. I don’t think she knows what she wants from one, but it isn’t whatever she’s getting.

At least she’s not getting rinsed on a contract or anything.

does she treat it like writing a letter rather than just a quick messaging app?

Maybe she’s a drug dealer and needs a series of burners?


Can someone sort the thread title out please? I’m about to explode.


I’m glad she’s found something to keep her busy.

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I’ll take that.

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My mum doesn’t really do technology, but after an incredibly painful phone call the other weekend I’ve now got her to the stage where I can email her photos then text her phone to tell her to check the tablet to see the photos.

This is incredible progress.


Went with my mum to sort her phone out at O2 the other week. The guy there was incredibly helpful and nice, at no point tried to jip her or up-sell. Very refreshing.

My Mum is the same but I keep telling her it will only get more difficult the more you fall behind. I don’t like tech myself but its unavoidable these days.

be careful what you wish for man, finally shifted my maw onto whatsapp and just get a constant stream of pish off facebook

I feel really bad for my mum, because she recognised years and years ago that computers were going to be The Future and that she knew fuck all about them, so signed up to do an “introduction to computing” course to sort it.

Problem is she was about five years ahead of the curve with that and the course was stuff like teaching you how to manage accounts on a BBC Micro instead of “this is the Start button. This is the internet.” so she still can’t use an actual computer.

Well she’s obviously quite sharp to recognise that so early on, so she will probably take to it once she has too and then will start giving you advice!