Paris, France

Bonjour :fr:,

Looking for recommendations for Paris. Areas to stay, things to eat etc. Going in May, don’t drink or eat meat but feel free to recommend things of that ilk for future visitors #payitforward

Are the obvious places worth visiting? Where can I get the best croissant :croissant:? Have only been once when I was 14 and that was passing through so essentially haven’t been. Trip is only for a few days.

I was just there :fr: I stayed in Bastille which was right up my street, lots of trendy bars and restaurants of a quite diverse nature. I also heeded a couple of recommendations from this thread

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Merci beaucoup :fr:



I still rib my wife over our last visit because we passed a patisserie and I wanted to grab a coffee éclair but she said, “no, we’ll see another one later”. Of course we never did.

So I say to you: buy that éclair if you see it!

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I’ll do it just for you, @1101010


I’d suggest you find some decent coffee but we already know you’ve got no chance of knowing it if you find it :wink:

You are a user I’ve not interacted with before and you are making quite an accusatory statement.

Just a guess. If you’re not in Melbourne you can’t be expected to know good coffee

You can forget about that coffee éclair anyway.


Just hang out in the 10th, 3rd and 11th arrondisments and you won’t go awry.

You probably need to book in advance for dinner at popular places though


Pieced this food list together on Google over the years from various recommendations.

Bouillon Chartier
Boulangerie LIBERTÉ
Boulangerie Utopie
Chez Janou
Gaspard de la Nuit
L’As du Fallafel
La Coupole
La Fresque
Le Grand Bain
Le Petit Commines
Tien Hiang
Today Tomorrow
Urfa Durum

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Fantastic, thank you!

Not to give away trade secrets, but if you can get in Le Rigmarole (their opening is erratic post covid and you need to book a month in advance) you absolutely should.

Billili is one of the most fun meals I’ve had in forever (ring to book a week ahead), and if you like your natural wine it’s very very hard to beat Septime Le Cave

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Good people watching and general fancy… everything can be found in the Marais area. If the weather’s good then being out on the terrace with a glass of wine (or if not drinking a glass of grenadine on ice, or just a good coffee) watching the city move is kind of the quintessential good life there.

And if you ARE there, go here

Dunes Blanches
54 rue des Archives
Paris 4e arrondissement

and get yourself a couple of chouquettes. Life changing patisserie.

There is of course more than one standout gallery/art related place in Paris, but for me it’s l’orangerie that is the most breathtaking. Monet up close, surrounding you, in a building literally designed for their vast hangings.

If you want to blow the budget, Aspic is a phenomenal restaurant and if you like Japanese food there’s ‘To’ restaurant, which is one of the best meals i’ve ever had. Both, I believe, can cater for vegetarians (check though) and both (much like @ConcertoRoberto alluded to above) will need prebooking like a motherfucker.


you won’t regret it.

For cocktails with a distinctly silly vibe, the shell bar in Grands Boulevards hotel is dynamite, including non alcoholic.

if you’re tempted to see cabaret, avoid Moulin Rouge like your life depended on it - Crazy Horse is vastly better.

depending on how niche your tastes, i also have thoughts about bookshops, boardgame shops and walking routes.


I love chouquettes

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the actual greatest

This is great. Much obliged. I would also like access to your walking routes and bookshop newsletters, as this is very much in my interest.

i reckon i could possibly make you a walking route feat. multiple excellent bookshops this weekend :smiley:


:pray::pray::pray::pray: that would be incredible.