Paris - help!

Just booked a trip in May - not been for years! My partner is a regular and knows the place well, however I just wondered if anyone here had a few maybe slightly obscure recommendations or some places to eat or drink i could take her.

Couldnt see any other topics on this , but I probably missed them

Obligatory, ‘take her up the eiffel tower’ reference…

Do NOT use the public loos at Gare du Nord.




i would recommend queuing outside of david lynch’s club for hours before being turned away

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thought you were in some mild peril from the thread title.


I was all ‘ooh I’m going to be there in about an hour, what can I do?’


Only mild relationship peril, but I guess i’m in that pretty much permanently

very helpful thread so far


Can’t believe you think any of us would say something like this, tbh. Much more likely to recommend taking her up the Orsay.

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Is she partial to jams and conserves by any chance?

cause this is a good shop and I like it

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mm i bet this is nice


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Twelve posts in and the best we can do is a jam shop.


It’s a really good jam shop!


Well in that case, brb getting Eurostar tickets and an adult nappy for the return trip .

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If you fancy a rock’n’roll bar with a basement dive where bands play, this place is worth checking out.

And this is my favourite record shop in Paris.

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Probably the most sophisticated bum sex joke I’ve ever made and I’m getting NOTHING from you people.

That is probably exactly the kind of thing i’m after! Cheers