What do people do in Paris?
I’m going to Paris this summer - I’ve never been before and would like some ideas on what to do.
Not that bothered about seeing any of the major sites (except for the Eiffel tower) but I do enjoy walking and eating.


I went at the end of my first year at uni, we barely had any money so walked a lot (most of the touristy places aren’t too far from each other) and spent a day at the Louvre which was good, went to a lot of churches, and my favourite eating experience was crepes from a alley cafe (nicer than it sounds) and generally anything sweet

We were too poor to go up the Eiffel tower so just took photos with it, and managed to get into the Louvre because 2/4 of us pretended to be under 18 and got in free but it was definitely worth it. Also going to see the other touristy bits like that arch and palace etc


I walked around it. It was a Time Out thing that I’ve never been able to track down online. You start at Sacre Coeur then walk round anticlockwise over about seven hours. It was fun.

Paris is lovely, have a nice time, you’ll have to try hard not to.


I’m going to Paris today.


DO NOT use the public loos in Gare du Nord.

Paris - help!

Why? I’m getting the Eurostar back so I might need to.


There are loos on the train. I’d recommend using those.


I’ve used a lot of public toilets in my time, and they were far and away the grimmest.


BUT WHY? Might use them now just out of curiosity.


RIP bigfoot


Because Epimer’s been in there. You want to avoid that at all costs…


Is the steaming 20th century turd he did in the loo at Gare du Nord still there or something?


Christ, I had to have a shit in there once. Would rather take my chances with the loo from Trainspotting.


Anything else to do in Paris apart from avoid Epimer’s haunted shit in a train toilet?




I’ve typed this out before but I can’t find the full details.

I was on the way back from Strasbourg and got one of those “uh-oh!” stomach grumbles (I was just learning that I’m lactose intolerant around then. I had had a very large pizza for lunch). Proper “you need to find a toilet now, pal, because this is happening whether you like it or not.” stuff.

So I trot down to the public loos and am greeted with, firstly, an overwhelming stench of vomit, and, secondly, a drunk/smacked up/dunno guy passed out across the turnstiles. Carry on regardless, and three of the five cubicles are barred off by the cleaning staff. Go into one of the two open stalls, and there’s fresh blood around all of the walls from about waist height down. The state of the toilet itself defies description.

So it’s the second toilet, then. Time is not on my side at this point. The second cubicle had… less blood. But still blood, quite a lot of it, and fresh looking. The toilet bowl was caked in shit, but at least the water level was below the rim. That had to do.

This was in the middle of the day on a Monday, and with three cleaning staff already there.


I’ve never really got Paris tbh. It’s quite a pretty city, so just mooching around is pretty satisfying though. The Louvre is the big thing not to miss,but I also like the Cluny museum.

Think my main issue is how pricy food and drink were, everything seems set up to rip off tourists. The famous falafel place was by far and away the best value food I had (tasty too), but drinking anywhere was extortionate. Oh and take a bottle of water, because there doesn’t seem to be any equivalent of Tesco Express’ or anything, we would walk for ages without seeing anywhere to grab something.


Oh and for your fyi, there are much nicer toilets for Eurostar travellers only once you go through the security bits. It’s the ones downstairs next to the subway that are nightmare fuel.


I just went in and used the Thalys lounge for first class ticket holders and the woman was fine with it. free coffee too.


There’s a public toilet at Bercy that makes the Gare du Nord loos look like a luxury spa resort