Never been. Have you been?

Might go. Eurostar it up.

Tips, partic. family friendly ones, gratefully received!

Looking at staying in Montmartre. Is that nice?

Thanks in advance for the links to previous threads, marckee.

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I think Paris is one of the best ones in the tv show Gilmore Girls


Avoid the public toilets in Gare du Nord.


Go to the catacombs for a good time

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Big fan of the Pompidou


Pretty much this.

Drank a load of absinthe and just stayed in bed the next day.

Take her up the Eiffel Tower


Be careful of what part of Montmatre you pick if you want it to be family friendly. (Not wanting to put you off as some of it is very quaint and nice but go to near Pigalle and it is less so).

When I’ve got the Eurostar I find it much easier to drive to ebbsfleet and park there rather than trailing into London.

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Le Monde de M et M


If you’re going with the kids, then I can recommend the City Of Science and Industry, in Parc de La Villette.

It’s much, much better than the Science Museum in the UK.

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My sister went recently with her wee nipper en route to Eurodisney so I will ask her.

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No. I had a very Amelie idealised version of it in mind but it was full of tat shops and people trying to con tourists with the gold ring/bracelet/survey tricks. The basilica on the hill is lovely, especially early morning before it’s overrun, but otherwise it was a pretty bleak part of the city.


Is that supposed to be a euphemism?

Thank you. This is v. useful.

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St Pancras is very convenient for us, as we come in via Kings X. But thanks - I think you and chanticleer have directed me away from Montmartre. Any other areas you’d recommend?

Excellent recommendation - cheers!

Are you in touch with Phil (lemonbrickcombo)? He now lives out there and will probably be best placed to answer that kind of question.

Here’s the english version of the website

I am not


For balance, here’s some nice things:

  • There are loads of brilliant museums and galleries. Everyone flocks to the Louvre but something like the Musee d’Orsay is excellent and much quieter.
  • Pretty much obligatory to do a boat ride down the Seine. They’re fairly cheap and show you most of the really good stuff in the city so well worth it.
  • Public transport was great. If you’ve got kids, it’ll be a doddle to get out to Versailles and they’ll love the double decker trains.