Park Cans vs Pub - a definitive discussion thread

There can be only one.

  • Park Cans
  • Pub

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There’s never anywhere to piss in the park and the weather is always shit


pubs have outdoor tables sometimes, which are basically the same as parks


Not even close. Toilets & weather are the main factors here. Plus draft beer.


From a purely selfish perspective, pub drinking only would maybe help regulate my intake to a more reasonable level

Pre age 35 park cans
Post 35 pub

(Unless you can provide a toilet for me to use at least 17 times)


Park cans cos you can kick a football about while you’re drinking them

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Pub because nobody pulls out a football and starts kicking it around in a pub.


If I lived in a country with a nice climate I think I’d go park cans, and I do love them dearly, but what can they do for me Nov - April, and the raining bits between then? NOTHING, that’s what.

pubs are the 2nd worst places in the world after restaurants

Park cans are a great value for money option but a good pub is objectively better in every other way


I take a camp chair to park beers because I absolutely hate sitting on the floor. Impossible to get any comfort


no benches in your park?

None on the grass

that’s a shame, I forget there are a lot of low quality parks out there

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Park cans at their best are great, but the majority of the time it’s basically people pretending to have a better time than they’re actually having, while unable to get their mind off the fact that it’s not actually as nice a day as it was forecast to be.

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only your first can is cold at the park


Park drinking is best when it’s around another activity. Park cans - meh. Big game of rounders where we’re also getting pissed - great.

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here are the pros for park cans as I see it:

. don’t have to talk to strangers
. can drink on your own without being bothered or feeling lonely
. easy to take a bluetooth speaker and listen to what you want
. much cheaper
. nicer view
. will be more motivated to go and do something else if you want to - once you go to a pub that’s it for the rest of your life


Pub >>>>>>> beach cans > staying home > park cans