Parking on double yellows



parked up this morning on the end space, with the tyre just off the double yellow, but the boot overhanging it
saw a traffic warden & asked him what the rule was
he said that as long as you are less than 50% on the double yellow you are fine, they go by the door pillars - so all this time I’ve been worrying about getting the tyres clear I could have parked with impunity.
apparently the police have decriminalised it round by us.
smaller end parking spaces here I come
what a time to be alive


as soon as you’re out of sight he’s putting a ticket on there


wouldn’t trust a fucking word that came out their mouths


Take that with some caution, saw a car a few months ago that literally had one tire on the double yellow and they were getting a ticket. I would trust a ghost before I would trust one of these bozos


Haha, fished in.


Mate, I’m worried you might get ticketed for this, and you absolutely don’t deserve it. I feel bad for you so want to send you some cash to help you out - can you let me know your bank details and I’ll get some money over to you?


in the post-vine era, it#'ll be hard to prove that conversation ever happened.


just like in the post-post edit era it’ll be hard to remove that hashtag.


keep chuckling about how comprehensively he’s done you there


It’s the line about door posts that really makes it.


have not gone back to move the car
I’m letting it ride

he seemed like a decent bloke



Portsmouth is full of private parking clampers with barely/just legal signs (partially hidden/ambiguous etc). Policeman saw me parking in one once, came over and explained I’d get a clamp and probably well over £100 fine and to park on the double yellows across the road as long as I wasn’t going to be more then 20 minutes or so.

I did and after doing so did not get a ticket. I think the police down there are equally fucked off with the situation.

Hibster has been absolutely done here though.


What will happen when Hibster returns to the scene of the crime?

  • Nothing, as confirmed the car is parked validly
  • He will return to a ticket and it is the warden’s fault
  • He will return to a ticket and it will be his own fault
  • His car will have been towed
  • Someone will have sprayed cook pass babtridge on the side of his car
  • Someone will have broken into his car and taken a dump in the glovebox
  • Someone will have broken into his car and stolen his Now CD collection
  • His car will have been clamped
  • His car will have been upgraded as he is the warden’s 1,000,000 customer

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Another vote for Davidoff Cool Grifter.


Hes gonna be dining out on the commission from your ticket tonight, simpleton!

How can you be so naive?!


RIP Hibster


100% got a ticket eh? Too shy now to let us know.


well as I said I was parked legally, tyre off the lines, so never any question of me getting a ticket

“amazingly” nobody got the poll right


Think you’ll find i got it right.

Apology please