Parliamentary trains, secluded/hikyõ stations, general trainspotting bants thread


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The famous UK one is in your neck of the woods, isn’t it? Stockport to Stalybridge. Decent bar at Stalybridge station, too, iirc.

This site’s pretty fascinating too if you’re interested in closed railway stations.


It really is. Worth the trip for a pint in the Buffet Bar alone. Something great about a platform pub which serves a good pint and a ham and pickle sandwich. If you’re ever in the area again go to the Trackside pub at Bury. One of the old steam routes leaves from there, i think towards Rawtenstall. Goes via Ramsbottom, which is another place worth a daytrip. Got a couple of the best tapas places in the country.


Big fan of the Tap on the Line at Kew Gardens station, love a train station boozer:


I always used to find the disused tube stations website fascinating, will have to have a look

This is near me. 12 passengers using it in the entirity of 15/16

Bleak af around there.

Bloody love trains mate.

Love the abbreviations only idiots know - LHCS, ECS, OHLE. :smiley:

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was at the London Transport Museum the other week and they had a bit about the parliamentary trains, didn’t even know they were a thing before. also found out about trams going down my road there, and read a load more about the history of transport in my area on their website. good museum, would go again :+1:

If you want to find out about tram routes and stuff, then this is a great resource:

And for old stations in London, this is too:

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Love all this kind of stuff. We went on the East Lancs Railway a couple of weeks back and the Ffestiniog last year - both fine ways to spend an afternoon.

The abandoned stations website has some great photos of disused tube stations:

Cromford Station near Matlock in Derbyshire is always an interesting wait. Really attractive station and place where the Some Might Say cover was done, but also the site where about 10 years ago, a taxi driver was lured by a gun nut who just wanted to experience the feeling of killing someone. That shrine always gives me the creeps.

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Because we’ve got a pretty good tram system in Manchester lots of people move to areas serviced by that. You can or could before people became a bit more savvy, move to New Islington, Crumpall, Monsall and have a really quick commute into the centre of Manchester and find an affordable house.

Surprised more people don’t do that with old train routes. For instance, i know Stretford quite well, most commuters use the Metrolink, but on the other side of the town there’s Trafford Park train station which hardly anybody uses. You can be in Manchester in <10 minutes and the train the other way gets to Liverpool city centre in around 50 minutes, and you’ve got the biggest industrial estate in Europe a mile up the road, so loads of scope for work, but the area’s on its arse.

It’s weird how some areas become gentrified and others don’t. You could buy a flat there for £80k, a house for about £175k, about half what you’d pay a couple of miles up the road.

Love trains. I grew up in a house not far from Eaglescliffe Station and would regularly see the Mallard pass on the tracks not 20m from the front door.

Eaglescliffe station itself is privately operated – one of only two – on behalf of Network Rail by Chester-Le-Track (the other station they operate is Chester-Le-Street).

One of my favourite railway journeys is from Pickering to Whitby, across the North Yorks. Moors.

It’s a heritage railway, which stops at Goathland (TV’s Aidensfield from Heartbeat and, more recently, Hogwarts).

Last time I went, I openly scorned that the locomotive was a dirty diesel as I’d hoped for steam. The volunteer guard overheard me and told me off – “It’s one of only three surviving examples”. Still would’ve preferred a steam train tbh


Outside of housing stock etc, a lot of it depends on the frequency of the service. There’s a point at which it becomes a turn-up-and-go frequency and that seems to be the threshold for whether people take the active decision to live in a particular area of a city.

I have nothing to add here but I find it interesting as a.f.

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Big fan of the Berlin U-Bahn and S-Bahn services.