Part-exchanging a car that needs work

Hello all.

My car is currently in the garage for a couple of things to be fixed and they are telling me that there is a longish list of work that needs doing, the vast majority of which will be required for it to pass its next MOT in July. I’ve been thinking about buying a new car and part-exchanging this one.

Now, AutoTrader tells me that the part-exchange value for my car in “good” condition (which I assume mine would be if I had all of the work done) is just over £7,000. The garage is telling me that all of the work (both MOT-necessary and desirable) would come to maybe £4,500.

I’m now debating what to do. Obviously I want to get some decent value for my car on part-exchange, but I don’t want to spend the £4,500 unless it’s going to add £4,500 to the part-exchange value. Any ideas?

Chat very much encouraged.

Maybe get a second opinion on the works required to get it through the MOT?

Torch your motor.

Just get the MOT-necessary work done then bin it?

I’d be very sceptical about one person’s opinion about what’s needed before it’s MOT. I’d get the stuff done that is urgent/safety related and then part ex it.

what is the work that’s being suggested?

I chopped a half-broken Pug 208 in for my Alfa back in December.

The 208 had a misfire on two cylinders, I tried replacing the ignition coils (which involved ‘redesigning’ the adaptors) but it was still doing it intermittently. As long as I didn’t put my foot to the floor or rev it too much, it was all fine - no faults on the dash, etc. The external temp sensor was broken (would show like -18 if it was cold outside) and the door card wasn’t properly attached (I had to take it off to replace the wing mirror, and a couple of the attaching points broke during the process).

The garage I traded it in at just gave it a quick glance over, didn’t take it for a drive or anything so I got away with it. I suppose they just send it to auction so they aren’t overly bothered anyway, so you might get away with it if you’re getting a new car from a dealer. Then again mine had a clean MOT, was only 3 years old, etc so they probably had no reason to think there was owt wrong with it, if it’s a bit older or has a load of advisories on the MOT certificate they might look a bit deeper.

I’d love to know what happened to the Pug though. Can imagine someone taking it for a test drive, putting their foot down and the engine doing its finest steam train impression again :smiley:

Can’t believe your Bentley is worth so little, mate. Did you drop a 0? :wink:

I just chatted to the garage. I think the key things to sort out are the things that are obvious from a physical inspection (for example, a fog lamp needs replacing) and the gearbox reason it’s in the garage for in the first place (switch and relay replacement). Probably about a grand for that, which will get it driveable again for the time being.

The guy said that anything else would probably be fine and not noticeable on a part-exchange inspection.

You were wise to double check with us.

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The MOT isn’t till July, so if I part-exchange soon little MOT-fail things might not be focused on, I hope. It’s at a marque dealership at the moment because the main problem is with the gearbox.

Thought he was an architect


That’s probably the plan. Or even less than the MOT-necessary work. I’m not going to bother replacing the wiper blades, for example :slight_smile:


Take it up the Oxo Tower.

(I punted my fuct Pug 206 through webuyanycar. Got 75 quid. Fair enough. Scrap yards weren’t prepared to give me anything even if i delivered the vehicle to their door.)

What’s the car?

Reckon you could just flog it today for £3.5k? If it’s a desirable motor then there’s a fair chance someone who knows what they’re doing could take a punt on it for that and do the work themselves on it for well under the £4.5k quoted by the garage. Would mean £1k profit extra from either value on p/x or profit after doing the work I reckon.

Just read your other post about p/x inspection so this is probably no longer relevant.

M3 convertible, so pretty desirable I think. I need it to be usable until I get a new car, so will probably just get the minimum work done for now (maybe just under a grand) and then take it somewhere for a p/x inspection.

Thanks for the responses. Some very useful thoughts ITT.

Given the value you mention I’m guessing E46. Good ones of those can fetch decent money these days - I’d be very tempted to get any work done at a good indy and sell it privately.