Particular moments of history you find fascinating? (links appreciated)

I’ve been listening to pods about something called 43 Group - basically double-hard Jewish anti-fascists in London in the late 1940s. Never heard of it before. Great stuff.

Recently read about a massive cunt called King Leopold II and his…personal annexing of the Congo in the last 19th century. Horrendous shite.

Really loved this series on Netflix - Wormwood - about the CIA mind control programs of the 50s and 60s. It’s pretty wavy - basically an old guy whose dad was involved, intercut with sort of neo-noir-y reconstructions. Fucking fascinating subject, like.



Bonus points for anyone who COMPLETELY INTENTIONALLY does a listen, read, watch perfect hat-trick.

3-0 big lad.

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Indeed. This graphic helps to put him in context…

I done a smol


Have learned a lot about african history as an adult, as we all know the schools don’t do anything beyond the ancient Egyptians, and even try to whitewash that. Really love learning about the different kingdoms that existed before and after the prime of the ancient Egyptians, like this one

Have learned a lot about the colonial atrocities in Africa but that isnt enjoyable, but very important to know. Europe has a lot to answer for :sleepy:

Always found the communist history of china and Russia very interesting, and reading about revolutions across the world.

Also I was quite old when I learned about the punic wars and this scene which I always enjoyed for the general abuse of sideshow bob became even funnier. In conclusion, simpsons best show

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Not history per se but I do find initial 24 hr live news coverage of unfolding major events (9/11, 7/7 etc) absolutely fascinating with how it unfolds. You can watch some of the live broadcasts on youtube, incredibly fascinating seeing it play out, initial bewilderment, then …and then. I admit it is rather morbid but I do find those contemporaneous accounts, particular at the birth of 24/7 news, a fascinating time capsule.

Jews - GBOL👍

Yeah, Belgian imperialism in the Congo was something else. If you’re interested, ‘Heart of Darkness’, which is set during Belgian colonialisation, is a masterpiece and captures the brutality of their reign there. Remember studying the coursework material on it at uni and some of the atrocities that were carried out were harrowing.

The end of the 100 years war and what happened to England / France afterwards. Particularly the English going (some say were sent by the King) to Italy and were mercenaries who kept the city states at each others throats, and in the middle of all that the Pope and Rome being essentially a ruin after ruling a third of the world.

the rise of the caliphates after Muhammad.
the split of the Roman Empire.
pre Columbian America in general is fascinating. especially the food.
paris commune.
the cuban missile crisis.

Medicine through time and all that.

Can’t find good links right now.
T’ang era China
Heian era Japan
Impact of disease on cultural norms