Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

  1. Enjoyed the new nationwide advert just now, could’ve been bellend-ed-ly over earnest but was quite nice

  2. So happy that Just Eat have changed adverts, the old ones were absolutely fucking excruciating

Also, does anyone else reckon that the variety of ads is way lower than it used to be? I swear some adverts I’ll see 10 times a day, although that might be cos my TV diet suffers from a lack of variety

Thursday thread for thicc thirsty thangs

Yeah those new Just Eat ones are much better.

Insurance comparison websites continue to plumb new depths. James fucking Corden. Get off my TV you cunt.


Saw this when I was in New York a few weeks ago. One if the better adverts.


Spin Genie radio adverts

get off my fucking radio


The new Natwest one is simultaneously nauseating and rage inducing. You’re a fucking bank for fuck sake, not an all encompassing world changing entity.


That’s great :smiley:


I’ve only just realised which advert you meant. I’d not paid it real attention before and just assumed it was for MSF or Amnesty international etc.



Some great stories around about that time about how that kid killed himself and then gone into hiding in South Africa, when probably he just got paid for it and continued his life.




Has anyone seen that betting one, it’s usually on Dave or Comedy Central or some other kind of shite on Sky late night.

Anyway it’s a woman behind a desk and she’s like “We’re earning £500,000 of your money tonight, what are you going to do about it?” or some other smarmy comment.

It just baffles me as to what the objective is. Are you supposed to be annoyed by it or something? I can’t see how it’s going to get people to gamble with them.


Guys I just seen the new NatWest one and I feel sick.

We need to stop this.


I’ve seen that, assumed it was a thing about gambling ‘responsibly’ like. It certainly has the tone of that, rather than encouraging people to throw money around with their company.


quite enjoying this one


all adverts are shit.

(actually, from watching NFL streams, I have discovered that some US adverts are kind of witty and entertaining like US sitcoms).

HATE that one that shows up before Youtube videos a lot, with that fucking awful shit “you say daaance, I say dance” song. makes me want to smash my phone into smaller bits of phone.


When you drive Tipo’s wheels and it gives you the feels - That’s Amore!

Get out of my head!


I love Dominos natch, but the ad for the Dominos Classics was atrocious when I saw it last night


Obviously the two worst common, current trends in advertising are

  1. Kids/Animals/Inanimate objects miming along with (usually kitsch) songs
  2. Songs with the lyrics changed to reflect the product being advertised
    the current lash advert has both of these things and is therefore very, very irritating




I find the three blokes in the Vodafone commercial disproportionately annoying for some reason.

Enjoying Matt Berry in the Bells one, though.