Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


Alright, slightly delayed youssou n’dour


our building society is millenial as fuck, yeah?


Keep seeing this at the cinema, 30 foot cunts.


60 Foot Dolls tribute band? (Niche)


Enjoying Asda’s Halloween advert right now, kid’s got moves


I am becoming very concerned that Walkers will actually withdraw their salt and vinegar crisps if they lose against lime and whatever. It might seem on the face of it that permanently removing from sale your biggest selling lines would be commercial suicide, but I’m certain that Walkers are a brand of their word and that they will stick by the results. :disappointed_relieved:


just saw an advert for colgate that has really irked me. these folk are flirting on a train because their breathe smells so good and they’re all happy then the train gets stuck and the conductor is like “sorry, train’s fucked” and the colgate couple just look at each other like :heart_eyes:

not having that. don’t care how good your breathe smells or how much you fancy that dickhead standing next to you, you’d be kicking off about that train delay.


The TV brought home some Colgate yesterday in “seductive mint” flavour. I reckon it’s linked.

Awful idea.


I 'm a big fan of the Ninja Lego movie trailer when he says, “Oma-lette Oma-lette weapon.”


Saw this at the cinema the other week. Reminded me of the adverts they make on the Apprentice.

Independent British Vape Trade Association?


Whereas I’m irked that the exterior shot of the train is obviously a South West Trains carriage, but the interior shot isn’t!


Those guys? JFC.

British Independent Association of Vape Traders is where it’s at, pal.


the plenty more fish (dot com!) advert


The Muller Rice 5 Grains advert is either terrible or fantastic. I can’t decide which. Both at the same time maybe.


That Sainsburys ‘singalong’ one is already looking like this year’s most annoying Xmas ad




Yeah I’m not a fan…disappointing as I like the cooking song they did, and that BBQ Tetris thing was pretty badass.


I’m a big fan of the bears and the tune, so I’m voting for brilliant.


Definitely terrible.


Ha ha, seen that as well about a month ago and couldn’t find it on youtube. Unbelievably bad