Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


Not sure what’s best about it: the terrible acting, the cheesy joke at the end or the cool-in-1997 big beat soundtrack


When did it become a thing that every single supermarket chain has to release a five-minute Christmas ad? The fucking things are interminable and it’s still November FFS.

Also any advert for film or TV that includes an old song slowed down to sound all profound can seriously fucking do one. Come up with a new idea you coke-addled shitbuckets.


TBH I had pegged you as a Nestlé boycotter in any case.

Well that was meant to be a reply to TheWza but who knows what happened. Sorry.


What have I gobbed off about now?


Oh it was up there you saying you might boycott San Pelligrino due to the advert but I assumed you’d be a Nestlé boycott guy


Gotcha. Not religiously anti-Nestle but, yeah, fuck 'em, I try to avoid. :+1:


JFC I’ve only just clocked that Nestle own San Pellegrino. This world.

Easy peasy giving SP the swerve, though. Whole Earth, Cawston Press, Bundaberg, Fentimans, Luscombe… plenty of alternative poshtwat pops to be had.


i feel bad but… i quite enjoyed the new go compare advert :open_mouth:

love the comments pointing out that the actors are over doing it as if that’s not the entire piont


So, saw this earlier. Fucking hell.


the new We Buy Any Car (I think?) one where they’ve decided they love Philip Schofield baffles me. I like Schofield and all, but it’s odd.


I find the song humorously bad, so I quite like that one.



this one

something fucking so annoyingly privileged about the whole “yeah you’re a world traveler, buy this £800 phone so you can take pictures of all the indigenous people to upload to instagram so your equally vacuous friends can see how mature and traveled you are with your fucking stupid phone”

on trying to find the advert it looks like the voiceover guy, who adds to the fucking irritation immensely, is some kind of youtube personality which only makes it fucking worse. he might not actually be a youtube personality, you probably know better, i couldn’t be arsed to find out. please don’t tell me i don’t want to know.



i really didn’t need to know about this


it’s a really summary of 2017 innit

especially if you add that mining the materials is harrowingly awful for both the environment and the workers (watch the documentary Behemoth about mining in china

then also add the working conditions for the people who are phones being put together…



cba seeing if this has been posted but I love this advert. It is the highlight of telly atm. Someone obvs got bunged 300 notes and told to make a Christmas ad.


Only just found out about this from about a month ago. Not sure if it’s intentionally meant to look like it was put together on budget of 5p but the whole thing is a cringefest.


what are you spending the 300 notes on?


Really don’t like Vodafone ripping of those old BT ads about a couple getting together interwined with telephony deals. Also disappointed Martin Freeman didn’t get with the black woman in the first ad and they replaced her with this other woman who has parties with butlers on beaches? Did I miss an instalment between them meeting at a train station and Tim stalking her on the beach?


There’s been a wedding one and a car park one. Don’t know about the timeline. I do know they’re horrendously fucking shit and completely unfunny, though.