Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


traffic has been totally wicked doesn’t make sense.


redknapp’s bizaree typecasting as a video game spokesperson continues unabated.


that philip scoffield we buy any car one. fuuuuuuuuuck ooooooooooooooffffff.


Tim key voiceover too. Expect better of him


please, please kill me now


what’s a computer?


Big fan of the new Tesco slogan - “Everyone’s welcome at Tesco”. Not like those discriminatory fucks down at Asda.


Lotta bottle


Fuck Tesco, obviously. But speaking of Asda, they seem to be using Live well with Asda or some similar patter. Looked a bit incongruous pasted up at the end of an advert for bottles of spirits at rock bottom prices.


the Owen Wilson Sofology advert? I’ve been stewing over it for a few days now but wtf is he going on about “waxing that little beard?” what? well done on sofology for getting him though thats great!


Cringe so hard my face gets a cramp every time this comes on

Apart from Pusha T :heart:️ but why no Kanye?

Worst advert on tv at the moment?

It’s a reference to Shakespeare who he mentions earlier on and whose book sales never ended inspiring the likes of SCS and DFS years later.


oh nice. smart


and inspirational


and uplifting all at once.


“what’s a computer?”

FUCK YOU. you still know what one is you annoying little shite.

“what’s a horse? I only know what cars are” IDIOT


MS Surface adverts are truly consistently the worst. I’m a Hollywood film producer and I used it to blah blah blah. No you don’t. The clips of example usage are as if six year old has had five minutes with Paint. As if that’s supposed to justify spending £££?


“What’s a computer?”

“Well, what’s that you’re using?”

“An iPad”

“What’s an iPad?”

“A tablet”

“What’s a tablet then?”

“Well… like a small computer I suppose…”

“Yeah, thought so you little prick”




I love how you can tell when this advert has been broadcast as tweets pop up in my timeline when people are disgusted by it: