Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


That’s amazing.


feel like they need to establish what ai stands for earlier on


Love this incredibly grim advert:

Especially the tacked on bit at the end - THEY DIDN’t DIE!!!


I was so glad they added that bit tho. Otherwise it’d be the most depressing ad.


Holy fuck


Has everyone seen Premier Inn’s Bike Wankers: The Movie yet?


Her hair!! It’s all I can see.


You could have hair like that if you put toothpaste in it too.


Just saw an advert for the Ford Eco Sport…

Only instead of pronouncing Eco correctly, the voiceover woman says ‘Echo’ over and over and over and fucking hell that’s irked me.


Seeing McNulty in a Dolmio ad the other day made me double take


Eat yourself fitter




(I imagine someone’s already uploaded the mashup to YouTube.)


Ugh. Feels really spooky. Even spookier when they played that specific song over the announcement when I heard it on Today this morning. Other surprises included Terry Christian giving a pretty faultless tribute.


U-huh. I’ve always felt that Terry Christian’s been given more than his fair share of ridicule. Definite capacity for dorkery but the guy seems to know his onions. Felt for Marc Riley when he announced the confirmation on 6music last night.


really annoying Virgin trains advert on at the cinema, which falsely describes some brutal death metal as thrash metal.

also features somebody who appears to be in their thirties, but suggests that Spandau Ballet would represent luxury to them as if they’re in their forties.

also just fuck off anything Branson.


someone at work today said that Branson is nice and was so so sad when we pointed out that he’d literally sued the NHS and thus is a complete fucking bastard


“but… you mean there are no nice billionaires?” :cry:


JK Rowling but she gave so much to charity her wealth dropped below 1bn? I think that’s right


All those donations to the “Tony Blair for Prime Minister 2020” fund.