Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


felt a twinge with this one. made it seem all so real


Obviously it was the Super Bowl this weekend so there a tonne of terrible new adverts out there in the world, which led me to this, which just makes me think: Have Coca-Cola given up?


This feels like a surprisingly body positive and sort of normal advert for Lynx


The Room level nuance and tenderness in this ad


Fuck me! That’s simply incredible.


This one was all over the telly when I was in the US recently. Takes an amazing left-turn about 40 seconds in.


latest one i’ve spotted


the nationwide women. being ‘quirky’. forever and ever.


I fucking hate that mccains advert. Why do chips need to be so fucking life affirming and wholesome? And oven chips as well!


That stupid Gold Blend ad, talking about we meet 80,000 people in our lifetime, and some treacly Stand By Me cover plays. You’re advertising coffee ffs




Is that the fucking stupid one where he’s got a room full of people and he’s saying things like “sit down if you thought I was a bit of a needy cunt”?


That’s the one



Err, yeah you’re alright there clickbait.


I noticed that Nationwide sisters ad had vanished quite quickly and hoped that meant they’d got the hint about how terrible it was, but no, now there’s another one I see!


Make no sense does it. So the rest of the people who haven’t been chosen have to sit in that ampitheatre and watch these pricks drink a shit cup of ‘coffee’?


That one before where it was like ‘decide which one of us do you like best’, like the antithesis of Sophie’s Choice.


If I had a nationwide account I would close it because of those adverts


So how’ve you been?
Pretty much the same y’know.
How about you?
You know how it is; the days just bleed into one really.


Maybe they release some tigers and lion after they’ve finished drinking and it goes a bit: