Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


All bank/building society ads are pretty terrible in fairness, I have a Natwest account and they’ve had some shockers.


This is good:


what about that one for some estate agents or something and the old guy is shouting at a wedding “I told you they are normal people!” as if estate agents can be normal people?


I’m a bit concerned about the kit kat ‘more milk’ ‘more cocoa’ adverts, at what expense, less wafer?


yes please!


The one (for a bank I think?) where they’re playing a guessing game involving mental illnesses and they say at their company, they are so supportive of mental health problems. Seems like they’re using mental illness as a selling point under the guise of “raising awareness”.


We were sitting looking out of the window
And we thought "Our Customers like windows"
And then we thought "Should we ask them about windows?"
And we thought "Yes"
And then we thought "Hold on, we’re a fucking bank"
And then we thought "What if we spoke in a really patronising way to them?"
So we did.


I like the HSBC advert that is trying to wind up brexit people


the TUI adverts still need to fuck off, especially from sponsoring the Simpsons on Sky One


there’s nothing better than when the wafer bit of the machine fails and you get a majority chocolate kit kat.

you try to bite the ends off and it just keeps going.



It is true, yet you could have bought some solid chocolate but choose something with wafer in, one of life’s great mysteries


I also like that ad as it irks the wife, because she did something nearly identical for a lesson she was teaching on globalisation and she thinks it’s copied her idea :smiley:


That advert for an energy company with Raining Blood on it. ‘s that all about?


Sorry what?



Gonna call this advertising bad:


They should’ve used this instead:


Another for the list: Hillarys Blinds have mangled The Cardigans’ Love Fool.

Can’t find it online, but did discover that, in keeping with the 90s theme AND this weekend, they have a series of videos featuring Pearl and Daisy Lowe doing a Mother’s Day ‘design challenge’.


Army adverts rub me up the wrong way by default but here’s the latest drivel.


A Volvo advert on the radio at the moment, delivered by a husky-voiced (presumably) Swedish woman:

‘Where less controls mean more control.’

Two grammatical errors in a six-word sentence + pretentious, semi-whispered delivery = a whole universe of fuck off.