Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


They obviously don’t deserve death threats, but their adverts make my cringe so hard I want to gouge my brain out


Maybe if their voices were a bit more whiny and there was a four minute guitar solo…


It’s not just the two sisters, it’s a whole range of nationwide adverts, the spoken word ones are worse


Well no as the sentiment and humour causing the cringe would remain


That latest Natwest one: ‘Cricket has no boundaries’. It literally has boundaries!


Quite like that Lidl one with the England players and kids on it.

Even though it has kids and England players on it.


this would get a big laugh on mock the week

(i mean this more as a compliment than as an insult)


i don’t understand the clearscore adverts


I keep seeing these Oasis adverts everywhere and don’t understand them.


I dont understand pret’s ‘go forage’ posters


I believe they are trying to popularise a new insane bottle shape as a clumsy metaphor for racial harmony.


I have been responsible for a LOT of views of Flo and Joan videos over the last couple of weeks (the sisters from the Nationwide adverts).

I don’t get the hate for them, apart from the obvious.


but they are inadevrtently suggesting some sort of sexual perversion instead.


That thought honestly never occurred to me, so I think that interpretation might say a lot more about you than it does about them.

Post/username interface


I think they just reminded me of a certain type of person, people that think they are really funny but are just really obvious. like in an office when someone says something, and there is an obvious joke to be made everyone has thought of, but no-one makes it because it is so obvious, then the office jester goes and makes it and everyone cringes, it is that kind of thing in musical form, they probably have ‘keep calm and…’ mugs and share minion memes. this is based solely on their nationwide material and they are far from the worst of nationwides adverts. also I don’t like bands with siblings in


You did say that you hadn’t watched any of their stuff, so you are possibly reading a LOT into a couple of 30-second adverts.

Another completely rational hot take from ttf, who doesn’t like The Kinks, Oasis, The Breeders, Throwing Muses, the Beach Boys, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The National, or any one of about a hundred other bands!


yeah it may well be down to nationwide, cringe seems to be what they are going for.

interesting throwing muses factoid, Hersh and Donelly were friends before they got their parents together and became stepsisters, and considered themselves step-twins.


Not sure where I stand on its parodying of that whole “wokevertising” thing. As in, I’d probably think it was fairly decent satire if it wasn’t an advert taking the piss out of adverts that are at least trying to do (forwardslash to look like they are doing) something positive beyond hawking soft drinks or whatever

Ya know


One of my favourite bands, so yes I did know that :slight_smile:

I can understand your desire not to mess up your recommendations by watching them on YouTube, because whenever I watch their videos I get recommended ‘video essays’ by men’s rights activists, as YouTube hasn’t quite managed to separate ‘interest in a thing’ from ‘videos about misogynist hatred of said thing’


There’s definitely something up with all these algorithms. It only takes one click on something for it to go “OH RIGHT THIS GUY MUST BE A HARDCORE ALT-SHITER, LET’S GIVE HIM THE SKINNY ON THE GOINGS ON IN ABSURD FASCISTS TALKING ABOUT HOW REASONABLE THEIR HORRIBLE VIEWS ARE”