Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


I think it might reflect the ratio of content on YouTube, sad men with a lot of time on their hands generating content


And I’m always having to manually search for the best video essays. ffs youtube


About 90% of which are about how much they hate the new Star Wars films :wink:


Those people would have hated it even if it was good, which it wasn’t



It’s so weird to me that people who have no problem with Leia or Lando in the original films absolutely shit their pants when a new character who isn’t a white male is introduced.

Lando = GREAT

Leia = GREAT


The funniest one is Holdo, because she has purple hair which they think signifies sjw-ness, but it’s Star Wars, aliens and stuff, there should be more purple hair if anything


Have realised we’re in the wrong thread, this was a discussion about YouTubers who hate women in adverts, not YouTubers who hate women in Star Wars films, the two are very different.


Having seen the TV ad now, I see that it’s a parody. I just didn’t have a clue what the advert was trying to do when I first saw it in the street. Are Oasis trying to appeal to the :joy: crowd with this ad? I really don’t understand it


I took it to be an advert for advertising. Like a more subtle version of those “x-thousand people see this per day, please spend your advertising budget with us” posters you see from time to time.


Just seen an advert for Viking Cruises which, when talking about the Scandinavian designed furniture, contains the line “with colours inspired by nature”. FFS.


don’t really get the M&M’s where the guy comes back and finds an M&M in bed with his partner while another M&M watches from a cupboard, what is going on here, and aren’t these cartoon M&M’s aimed at children


It’s how to break to kids that their parents are getting divorced


Facebook can fuck off with their “we promise not to be evil anymore” advert


Absolute state of this


McDonalds - dad kid touchscreen ordering. Hate these cliche bullshit efforts.

Suzuki Vitara - ravey dodgems. Not sure. Decent music, but all the usual car advert bullshit.


capri sun ‘don’t send your kids to the moon’


Delia Smith’s acting is particularly bad


There’s one I’ve seen far too many times today (3, I think) for some head lice shampoo with a child on it that is far, far beyond irritating.

I hope the lice eat her.


The Lady Macbeth one?

The performance is terrible but I like the tagine.


Yeah, some sort of Shakespeare shite.

Not really absorbed most of the advert as I’m too enraged by the time the child has finished.