Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


the verruca advert with the family of bigfoots makes me feel a bit sad for the actors in it. that’s definitely going to be the one acting job they’re all embarrassed about the rest of their careers.


anything with the Amazon Alexa in it reminds me that we are all doomed and it’s too late to resist.


I particularly enjoy the use of what looks to me to be a terrible CGI Duster in the last bit. Can’t even be arsed to drive alongside a real one with an iPhone to video it, how cheap can you get?


Hate the halifax ghostbusters one so much.


Are you gonna bingo? - it’s like having your ears assaulted by the worst person at the party for 4 hours but condensed into twenty seconds.


Still not as bad as their Wizard of Oz one.

I also note all the angry nerds who went apeshit over the Ghostbusters remake are oddly silent about the Halifax ad


I don’t watch adverts, but I get very irked whenever I cycle past one of their billboards STOP TRYING TO MAKE THAT NON-WORD A THING NOBODY FUCKING CARES FUCK OFF


It’s on at half time in the football every fucking time so it’s probably my most seen adverts.


do you not just



just saw an advert for Oral B where a woman asks a friend if her teeth look yellow and her friend says yes?

nobody’s friend does that


There should then be a cut to a different room from which you can hear the sounds of a massive hair pulling bitch fight.


bit niche for DiS as very Irish sport centric but i’m a big fan of this one



Is that good or bad? Because it’s kind of awful, but also so good I want to selfie and tweet it.


Now I’m back to watching NFL / college football I’ve been reminded that the Americans are pretty good at making a snappy ad with a decent punchline. Not sure what it is, it just works.


I used to watch a lot of American soccerball streams, so used to like how different the adverts are. They’re so so different.

I came to the conclusion that their adverts are focus grouped into oblivion which would be unbearable for more than 30 seconds, but is ok in advert form.


me and my arse?



Best advert ever


Keep seeing a dreadful ad lately where they go on about how ‘real’ things are great (and much better than ‘virtual’ things), which would be annoying enough, and then you see it’s an ad for crisps ffs