Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


These two are back in a big way as far as i can tell, no idea why. FO,Ms


Pair of absolute twats.


Can I shock you

I like 'em. I think they seem nice.


Don’t know who they are, pal


You’ve changed.


Nationwide repossessed our family home in the 90s when my dad was sectioned for 3 months for mental health problems.

They auctioned it for £147k to another company that they own. It’s now worth £1.2m

So I’m not a huge fan to begin with, but even accounting for that their adverts are consistently the worst most cringey on TV.


The one for the car with the woman in labour being driven to hospital. Fucking awful. I think its the fact the fact that when the driver puts the stereo on, opera music plays. Tips me over the edge. Tory.


i still buy physical crisps


Very old school.

The rest of us download ours.


I see this one quite a lot.



That Hasn’t worked out properly. Sorry.


Apple’s iPhone XS advert is irksome. You think you’re getting Portishead’s Glory Box, then it turns out to be a rip-off/remix.


Putting “Story of an Artist” against a bunch of people who probably describe themselves as ‘creatives’ without wincing was the final straw



Additional irk: any advert that edits a song. Which is most of them. There you are, having a him or a sing along, and some git has butchered up the song to try and squeeze a hook in multiple times, or concertina a verse, chorus and whatnot into ten seconds.


there was a car or beer advert that did this with a black sabbath song

feel i may have mentioned it upthread, if not i’ve definitely seen it and though about mentioning it


Just seen an ad for some car where they keep singing GO DUSTER to the tune of Ghostbusters - almost as painful as the Halifax ads


Enjoyed this


Reminds me of the dust buster ad from the late 80s or early 90s. The kids are out, they’re running about, grab a dust buster wipe that mess out. Duster, buster, a dust buster, dust buuuuuuusTEEEEEEER.

To the tune of whatever that glam rock song is.


The Sweet - Blockbuster.

Who are actually playing in my town this month and look younger than most reformed Britpop bands.


Has there ever been a worse Christmas themed ad than the 2006 Iceland “FIVE PRAAAAAAWN RINGS” one? Think there might have been one where Gary Glitter took centre stage, unless I’m confusing it with the Spice Girls movie.