Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)



Generally find toothpaste adverts very weird.


Adverts for ‘shit around the house’ - toothpaste, washing up powder, air fresheners, etc - are so bad they’re good though.

Badly dubbed, pretend science, they’ve got it all.


anyone seen the dreams advert with ‘every niiight I lie in beeeeed’?





I have a mild crush on the lady in the advert. Upon realising that her voice seems to be dubbed over, I felt slightly betrayed


Keep getting adverts for Thurston Moore on Facebook, I don’t want to see Thurston Moore


That new iPhone XR colour ad:


getting extremely irked by the rightmove advert with the dad who has to buy a new house so that he can have a shed to sit in to avoid his screaming children, who his wife is apparently looking after with no complaint while also doing all the housework i imagine, because he’s sitting in his fucking shed.


The absolute fuck is this shite?


Actually looking forward to post-Brexit nationalist adverts, where Kerry Katona is Queen is considered a national treasure and Aldi’s five discounted fruit and veg weekly offer is only ever a selection of different type of potatoes.


is ‘UK Garage’ one of the things they list :smiley:


Got to get all those demographics


Proper disappointed it wasn’t said in that daft voice that Garage MCs do.




Saw this one last night :rofl:

:musical_note: TURN AROUND, BARBARA :musical_note:


:ok_hand:This is Just ridic.






Big Ben, embankment, cab drivers