Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


Street salad.

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That’s what my mum would make if she was asked to make an advert. You can’t stop Brexit with an advert guys.

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More like a short film than an ad, I love it


I saw a genuinely mental advert for Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. I honestly can’t parse what it was saying


Olivia Colman’s finest role

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WeLl WhAtEvEr Is InDiViDuAlLy ReQuIrEd RiGhT wArNeY!?!?!?

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Glad that Specsavers have resurrected the short sighted vet advert again. The cat’s dry heave at the end makes me laugh every single time I see it.


Akabusi… Acca boosty!

If anything worse than this has ever been seen on British TVs, I’m glad I missed it because this makes me want to hurt people.


Somehow I’d never seen the dry heave before, that’s made my day


I don’t like it because Akabusi actually looks unwell.

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I don’t like it because I said I never wanted to see that “what’s a flat white?” cunt again but here he is.


Thank you so much for reminding me of this piece of gold


Lloyds Fucking Bank trying to convince us that families have awkward silences because they are physically unable to talk about money - ‘The M Word’.
Fuck. Off.


Any advert with Keith Lemon in makes me so fucking angry

The fact that sky sports have the same 3 adverts in every break also makes me angry… :angry:

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Think it’s a bit fucking cheeky (and shit contracting by the BBC to allow) that Lauren Laverne advertises Sky.


That new ‘peely peely’ McDonald’s Monopoly one is awful


Don’t like that BT broadband Gorillaz one with the dad who hates his family being in the same room as him.


I won’t be setting foot anywhere near this pub (if it exists).


Any advert with Martin Freeman in. Especially the one where he gets self important on the train as others are watching a film he hasn’t seen yet. Get over yourself.

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There’s a new fosters ad where they take the piss out of beer wankers and craft beer. It’s quite interesting tbh, they’re clearly rattled.

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