Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

Saw this on Facebook yesterday. Actually excellent stuff! Some great Goodfellas/Mean Streets references in there

anyone been in a cineworld recently? the new advert they have for unlimited cards is awful, i hate the guy so much

“I’m not THE god”

fuck off! don’t understand how this was supposed to inspire anything except hatred. so weird.


I like those Kaptin taxi posters/adverts on the tube a lot more than I should

KFC doing the nationwide style spoken word abomination

Fucking hate that guy.

“I know what you’re thinking, he can do anything. And you’re right, I can”

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It’s weird cos he was in the previous one but he didn’t have any lines and just gawped a lot.

Was there a focus group where someone was like, “yeah, I don’t feel like I want to buy the product, but if you could make me root for this guy somehow…” ??

Never thought I’d miss Johnny Flynn and his fake pals going out for dinner


I still don’t miss him tbf…

“Can you feel it? The rumble deep within…”

Try and guess what this is for before it ends. Absolutely incredible


Really like the B&Q advert cos it has this song I’d never heard in it

What the fuck is wrong with me? Might as well get into The National now.

pretty sure I’ve seen that advert before and had no idea until right at the end, so definitely a very effective advert there

that is incredible

i am now going to this about that brand more than i would otherwise have done, purely cos i will be showing that to other people… so maybe it has actually worked?

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that singing just eat advert can fuck right off


No wonder the prick was bullied at school and dumped by his first girlfriend.

It is so fucking bad.

Who is he spying on getting dressed?

His mum? Sister?

God, this was everywhere on the radio, like, 25 years ago.

Fucking hell I’m old.


Feel slightly guilty about liking this Itch Pet advert

It’s still on the radio a lot if you listen to Absolute Radio 90s. Er, so I’m told.

Only good advert.
image image image

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Reminds me of when I saw they made a sequel to Bruce Almighty and it was based around Steve Carell’s forgettable minor character.