Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)


Particularly good!


I think it’s just meant to be a ‘GULP’ of fear of what might become of it!

You know you posted this in here back in January? (It is, mind.)


Like all right-thinking people I loathe Squarespace but I can’t really say no to this advert thanks to Idris Elba and Lolly Adefope (if that’s actually who she is or if it is who she is, I find it hard to believe she’s really an EA only)

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Gah! Had a suspicion. Even did a cursory search. Oh well. Stands up to repeated viewings - MiniWza is a fan.

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Some bullshit with a slinky spring and Jungle Boogie soundtrack.



Loada bollocks with really badly delivered cutesy kid’s lines.


I’m annoyed at how much I like this

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