Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

File under bad / weird /dystopian:


Terrible new Now TV advert with Robert Webb


Started seeing this advert on here today, no idea why. Had no idea this was even a thing


They come round to your house unless you pay them.


The most intriguing thing about this for me were those 22 people complaining because Deliveroo don’t deliver in their area. FOMO is a powerful drug.

Saw this in the cinema the other day. Awful.

I really fancy Jade off of Tattoos By Jade in the QuickBooks advert and that advert is on every single ad-break on Sky Sports News which is on constantly in the office and it’s making me feel a bit like I’m going mad

Haven’t seen this advert much on TV but I’m a big fan

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I really like the new Lego ones that have started appearing in bus shelters.

What the hell…

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Very very very very very unacceptable

There’s some ad at the cinema where a woman sings a song about how great plants are and it goes on for ages

they haven’t revealed who is singing but it really does sound like Robbie doesn’t it


Placate the psychosis caused by living in our hellish modern society by buying furniture! Wait, isn’t this just the set-up for Fight Club?

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Banging song though.

Just like Fight Club tbf

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I fucking love this!

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Conversely, I am so fucking angry about that Tesco/Casablanca abomination.




Doubt Robbie would like to be reminded he hasn’t put out a decent banger since his first album, TBH.

Urgh, that was on in 3 separate ad breaks yesterday, fucking awful.