Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

That advert from the Pork Marketing Board or whatever it would be that has a tag line something like ‘Pork medallions - almost as healthy as chicken breast’.

‘Pork - not as bad as you think’

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“Mainlining 5 jam doughnuts from a pack - not as bad as snorting a whole 1 kg bag of Tate & Lyle sugar”

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Boomf - why would anyone want to get a card that explodes when you open it?

Love this. Thrupence lol


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enjoyed this just now while watching the darts


She narrowly missed out on my Best Actor list for Joke’s thread.


I’m surprised her dad isn’t pelted with dung every time he appears in public.

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Two terrible ads lately:

The Alexa one where the mother lets her kid kick a ball against a wall at 4.30 in the morning because she’s upset about losing a big game or some bullshit

That KFC one where people are licking their fingers

The bastille EE one is so remarkably shit I’m almost in awe of it.


The badly dubbed one where the whole family are all wearing six pairs of glecks each.

I also think this is a very good ad and kid has some chops

Zoopla doing a huge wraparound thing on some scaffolding at the corner of George Square, with a massive cat on it, and a line that’s apparently mocking allergies.

Just had the Kazooooooo [sic] and “It’s Tuesday… It’s Wednesday” Balzan (sp) biscuits ad in one ad break. God, the quirky makes me irky :rage:

Rachel and her fucking TV package. Fuck off, go read a book.

Impressed by the number of betting companies ploughing ahead with their advertising campaigns. There’s nothing to bet on fellas, give up.


Online casino games, I suppose. Lots of people stuck at home, bored. They’ll probably get a lot of custom from that, sadly.

Ladbrokes just had two in the same ad break, one purely about the horses. They’ll do themselves in at this rate. Mind you, there’s not a lot of companies I’d actually be happy to see go under during this, but if I had to pick…


Paddy Power to go under first please


You buy your advertising space in advance, no?