Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

Betfred ad with someone singing Great Balls of Fire but instead it’s something called Nifty Fifty is terrible

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Chatting shit about getting back to normal by ‘doing what we feel comfortable with’ as an exceedingly dressed up way of saying they have a website.

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This is hilariously shit (the song)

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That Volvo advert that’s on at the moment with the breathy cover of Born To Be Wild is great. Big smile every time it comes on.

I was always a bit weirded out that there were a bunch of eight year olds singing “If the world runs out of lovers, we’ll still have each other”

Haha I think I was cringing too hard to even notice that line by that point - still, reminiscent of

The one where they pretend Ant and Dec sounds like Santander

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Some new Sainsburys ad which has some terrible song going ‘yummy scrummy scrumptious lumptious’ or some shit.

This new faux ramshackle asda advert with the cut price Steven Mangan. Utter piss, the weakest cheapest thing they could have come up with. You can’t even make out what the twat says at the end.

Pocket tap, pocket tap, pocket tap, it’s a pocket tap frahtyze


Violife advert where the bloke makes a cheese toastie. Shows him cutting it in half, then he’s taking a bite and it’s whole again. Fuck that.

It’s an absolutely bizarre advert. I’ve got absolutely no idea what they were going for.

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he’s called Muzz Khan and I think he looks like Four Tet

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I hope he never works again

The new nationwide one where some chump is poetically moaning about his wee brother walking in on him wanking or something.

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i thought maybe the gimmick was that they’d roped in a completely normal dad to do an advert or something. astounded that he is an actual actor.