Particularly good/bad adverts (potentially rolling)

Pretty sure if you typed what he says into Google it would link to a DiS post with 20+ likes.

don’t hate this one at all, most of their other ads are overly long and overly earnest poems, this is neither. it is on an awful lot though.

Not sure what the Perth Mint were going for with this one but I’m guessing it wasn’t mortally afraid woman cast in gold?


Still quite angry about this.

Not a fan of Tesco’s ‘no naughty list this year’ seems to be trying to excuse toilet roll panic buy hoarders

Looking forward to all the perfume adverts reappearing this year.

Why does the advert for a Doritos Stax (guy takes up the triangle and becomes some kind of triangle virtuoso) feature no audible triangle being played at all on the music? It’s bizarre

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Enjoyed this one with a nearly naked Hugh Jackman

“i didn’t donate to Captain Tom”


fuck off


all that Captain Tom money will just be given away as tax breaks to the wealthy

Haven’t seen any singing babies for a while so that’s good.

Is that an actual line in an actual Tesco advert?

Hate Tesco so much.


yeah it’s characters confessing to ‘naughty’ things they’ve done this year (i did a videocall in my pants/i told my daughter the toothfairy was on furlough), and Tesco reassuring them that there’s no naughty list this year and not to worry about it. then someone says he didn’t donate to Captain Tom and it cuts to all the other characters in the advert gasping, until he says he did do a charity bakeoff and they all sigh with relief and the advert continues

bit weird imo

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I hate it, always seems to be on every channel and every ad break. Awful shit.

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dunno who [person] should be but I think we need a rule to refer to about this kind of thing

[person]'s law of content: if it seems odd or just bad, consider the possibility that it was intentionally done badly or weirdly in order to generate discussion on social media


definitely remember reading a great article about how the most discussed content isn’t good or bad it’s controversial

controversy is half way around the internet before quality has got it’s pants on

something like that

just struck me as brits being brits tbh

the law of ics-smics: it’s likely just the brits being brits


Sounds like total bullshit.


Ashamed to say I’m a sucker for this advert. Superb.

Wish an environmental charity or something had done it.

It’s a good advert, but seems to imply that Spanish beer is under attack.

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